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Our Story

The coral reef inspired me to create UZOOX (pronounced “you zox”). Zoox is an algae that is the driving force behind the sustainability and beautification of the world’s greatest coral reefs. Without the vital nutrients and energy from zoox, coral reefs will deteriorate, placing important marine ecosystems at risk. At UZOOX our mission is to provide advanced technology to repair and protect your digital ecosystem. Our business is committed to offering affordable cell phone repair services for the most popular electronic devices on the market. Rather than discarding broken devices in the trash, we offer our customers an alternative solution. We strive to bring your mobile devices back to life; saving our customers’ hard earned money and keeping those electronics out of landfills. Uzoox cell phone repair services are wallet friendly and environmentally friendly! May your devices catch a long and happy ride.
    -Bob, Founder/Owner, UZOOX


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