How Much Does it Really Cost to Replace Your iPhone Screen?

Your brand new iPhone 6 has recently graced your home’s cemented driveway, leaving behind a million pieces of what was once your pristine and expensive impact-resistant iPhone screen. And just as you are desperately trying to put the screen fragments together, you suddenly remember that you had not signed up for the protection plan.

Today is not your best day.

So what’s your next move? The idea of buying another new phone has blazed through your mind, but let’s be honest, very few people are excited about the idea of  dropping another heap of cash ($199 – $799 + monthly services) shortly after they’ve purchased the late-model Apple iPhone. One option you do have however, is tackling the iPhone repairs yourself. But how much does it really cost to replace your own iPhone screen?

Required Tools to Replace Your iphone Screen

When attempting to replace your iPhone screen, one thing you should be aware of is that the job requires specialized tools made specifically for managing iPhone’s microscopic parts. These tools range from a Phillips screwdriver to tweezers to small suction cups to help you pry apart your iPhone, totalling about $50 on IFIXIT, an iPhone parts supplier. Tools are also available in sets called, liberations kits, and screen replacement DIY repair kits. It’s also important to remember that these tools are only compatible with that specific iPhone or Samsung Galaxy model. Other models will require other equipment.

iPhone Screen Repair Display Assembly

When trying to replace your iPhone screen, it’s important to understand the different components of the front of your iPhone and which parts of your LCD actually require repair. iPhone parts providers offer various display assembly sets that may or may not include the parts you need for your iPhone. So, it’s critical that you research and make a sound diagnosis of your iPhone before considering repair. iPhone screen repair shops like IFIXIT offer the entire display assembly set – front panel glass digitizer screen and LCD. The other parts (home button, front camera assembly, earpiece speaker, and LCD shield plate) will have to be transferred from your previous display. You can replace your iPhone screen with new parts from ifixit WITH lifetime warranty with for the price of $164.95. With the front camera included, you looking at easily spending nearly $200, currently on sale for $160 on’s an awfully steep sum to pay for a phone you will be repairing yourself.

iPhone Screen Repair Warranties

The last thing you want is a defective iPhone part after investing all that time and effort into trying to replace your iPhone screen. Having a warranty assures that you can either receive a replacement for your broken iPhone parts or you’ll be reimbursed for your troubles. Either way, there is still hope to fix your iPhone, just a few more days and frustrations.

As you can see, trying to replace your iPhone screen comes with its fair share of complications. Financially, it is an incredibly steep hill to climb. And let’s not forget the time you’ll be dedicating to researching your iPhone problem, finding quality parts, and making the final selections of replacement parts. It is a complex process to say the very least. Unfortunately, the risk doesn’t stop after you get parts that work.. You can either get the repair right on your first try or you can cause even further irreversible damage.

Your best option? Choosing a qualified and highly-skilled cell phone repair technician who is experienced in repairing iPhone screens, supplies quality cell phone replacement parts,  and can provide quick turnaround times on all your cell phone and other mobile device needs getting your device back in your hands as soon as possible. At Uzoox Cell Phone Repair, we provide our clients with quality service, quality materials, and quality results.
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