iPhone 5C Screen & LCD Repair


iPhone 5C Screen & LCD Repair


UZOOX Advantages:

Warranty– Lifetime warranty on parts and labor.

Affordable Pricing– Less $$$ than buying a new phone.

Fast Turn-Around– Same day repair with no appointment needed.

Expert Techs– Your device is in good hands.

Convenience– Indianapolis repair center on 96th St. with extended hours.



UZOOX Mobile Device Repair is one of Indiana’s leading repair shops for smart phones and other mobile devices. Managed by highly experienced technicians, UZOOX makes it the highest priority to provide its clients with premium iPhone screen and LCD repair services. UZOOX also makes it a priority to provides high quality replacement parts and exceptional repair services to all its customers.

Regardless of which generation of iPhone you carry, there is always the inevitable chance that some damages will occur, more frequently than not, this typically includes significant damage to the iPhone glass screen and LCD feature. UZOOX Mobile Device Repair service is committed to providing high quality repair services at impressive turnaround time.
LCD Repair
LCD stands for “Liquid Crystal Display” and it refers to the high resolution and crystal-clear and crisp images that your iPhone produces. The LCD feature is located directly under the glass.

The UZOOX cell phone repair technicians are digital masterminds who are highly-trained at repairing iPhone and other Apple mobile devices to full restoration and functionality.

UZOOX iPhone screen replacement service options include:

  • Support all generations of iPhones
  • Repair strategy customized specifically for your needs
  • FREE diagnostics and pre-repair inspection.
  • Workable repair center hours
  • Expert post-repair inspection and monitoring.
  • Mail-in repair service
At UZOOX Repair, we are committed to using high quality replacement parts to ensure that your iPhone will work efficiently once long-lasting repairs have been made.  We stress that our friendly and professional staff provide the best care and expertise available so that your iPhone repairs meet your needs and satisfaction.









UZOOX Advantages

Lifetime Warranty
on parts and labor
Affordable Pricing
Less $$$ than buying a new phone
Fast Turn-Around
Same day repair with no appointment needed
Expert Techs
Your device is in good hands
Indianapolis repair center on 96th Street
cell phone repair service
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