iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s: Who do you choose?

We all know Apple recently released the newest model the iPhone legacy, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. With the consistency of the yearly release and the advent of the yearly upgrade, is it really worth the upgrade?

The overall design and display of each device has stayed consistent of the original iPhone 6 release. Unless you hold each phone in your hand to compare, which will probably never be the case, you will only notice a 14 gram difference in weight. Aside from the minescule difference in weight, Apple claims to have upgraded the display glass to a more durable screen, but we still do not recommend dropping it. In the event that you do, keep in mind majority of repair companies like UZOOX Cell Phone Repair can replace the screen at a reasonable price.

The new release of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus offered Apple users a new technology, Force Touch. This is simply a brilliant feature of the new iPhone. Simply holding over an icon unlocks a multitude of capabilities to navigate with ease and efficiency. At first glance it seems hard to get used to but a few days with Force Touch and you cannot imagine going back to the old ways. Along with Force Touch we see a major jump in speed. From Apple’s A8 to A9 advance, you can expect a 70% increase in general function speed saving you time on load speeds and multitasking.

Just as visually appealing as the device, Apple included an updated 12 megapixel camera that seems to have improved the previous models problems of low-light shooting. Along with improved functions we now have the capability to film in 4K offering users the ability to grab still shots that look just as beautiful as a still shot. As if this wasn’t enough, Apple brought the capability to grab a live photo which includes the moments just before and after the photo you were trying to capture. Now you can honestly say photos have been brought to life. It will be extremely important to keep the condition of the lens in tip top shape. Should you experience scratches or scuffs, be sure to consult a professional repair service provider before buying another device.

The battery is the essential decision maker in most devices. You have provide unreal functionality but pair it with a poor battery and you have a major issue. Apple brought a lot to the table with the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, but it seemed to also bring a lower battery life. We are not talking detrimental impacts on battery life, but for users who use their phone for every aspect of their like from personal to business you may want to keep charger on hand. As the battery life begins to be noticeably lower and not seeming to hold a charge, take it to a local repair shop like UZOOX Cell Phone Repair for free diagnostics and see if they can assist in a battery replacement.


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